So, this is what happened

We were sitting, quite peacefully, by the edge of the river
not a disturbance in the water, not a cloud in the sky,
not an embarressment in the air made us shiver.
The sun was quite close by.

We were holding hands and watching as,
a fat lady was undressing by the waterfall.
as a sealion she embarked, on her breath taking quest,
across the narrow river.

We didn't smirk and didn't smile,
but a laugh was tight between us.
And love made me stick to you, as we sat there for a while .
And not even a sealion could break the glue.

What silly dreamers we are,
what stupid things we do,
it would be so much easier to love,
if I was really there with you.

Ted Nugent called..

He wants his shirt back..

With love, Ms. "I-Bought-A-Shirt-In-London-Last-Year-That-Must-Have-Been-A-Curtain"



Whenever one flushes a toilet, everything in it sinks, it goes silent and only the water comes back up again.

Whenever someone gets into an elevator, everybody in it sinks, it goes silent and only the elevator comes back up again.

hmmm.. I'm noticing a pattern...


Mr. Living and the morgue

"Mr. Living and I went along very well, I continued to get better at walking around, still I had a nasty limp, but it didn’t matter. “Here” he said, and handed me a sandwich. “Thank you Mr. Living” I said and took a good bite. I sat down on the empty operating table and ate in big chunks. “How is Mrs. Forbs today?” I asked with my mouth full of sandwich and nodding in the direction of Mrs. Forbs that was lying quite silently, bleeding all her fluids out. “She is quite well” Mr. Living said to me, and smiled at Mrs. Forbs. She smiled back, blankly.

Three knocks sounded on the door.

Someone entered. And there I sat, swinging my legs from the operation table, smiling and chewing. Mr. Living stopped in his tracks. I looked up at the man, standing very still in the doorway. I let the hand holding my sandwich sink slowly onto the table. There I sat, a corpse, naked, on a table, with a half eaten sandwich in my hand. Mr. Living stood, with the tools still deep inside Mr. Elliot, looking perplexed at the man in the doorway, who seemed to be more frightened than both Mr. Living and I combined.

There we stood and sat, in silence and confusion for nearly half a minute. Then, without thinking, I dropped dead down onto the operation table like nothing ever happened. Mr. Living smiled, the man in the doorway pointed at me, forming words with his mouth, but no sound came out. He managed to whisper coarsely “she… She was moving” he said, rubbed his eyes and took anxious footsteps back and forth, with his eyes still fixed upon my pale, naked body. He kept pointing at me. Mr. Living dropped his tools and wiped his hands on his stained apron. “It happens a lot” Mr. Living said calmly. He pointed a finger careful to his temple and tapped it and smiled. He whispered “it’s all up here” he said. The man made shifting movements, still doing his weird dance on the doorstep, pointing at me, shaking his head, moving his feet, denying…"

Fishing for magic

Aaaaaand, it's working out quite well.

Just hoping for a neat catch..

a Bad TV-show

would be "Watch Tora Get From Her Bed To The Bus In Fifteen Minutes" show. Especially after episode 56.

Things keep me up at night, but nothing gets me up at dawn, so I oversleep. shoot :(

This is the sky seen from my verandah, and it's such a nice sky, I wish I saw it more often.


Waffles and names

I'm eating waffles in bed. It's currently five past one in the morning. mmMmm.. Warm waffles <3

'Hands of Time' and 'Remember' by Groove Armada, is my current favourite songs, replaying in my head like a tape recorder on speed. It's crazy.

There are other very crazy things going on. And someone called me shrek.

I am, in addition to all of this also, not a real person.
Because according to Microsoft Word my name can't be spelt Tora, but it can be spelt like
It's fucking name discrimination.

Snow and the cybernet

It's snowing outside. Not bad, not bad.
The internet is boring, that's bad, that's bad.
I bought batteries for my camera, Not bad, not bad.
I have nothing to write, that's bad, that's bad.
You're reading my blog, Not bad, not bad.
But that means my dear, it's bad, it's bad
Cos you don't have a life, that's sad, that's sad.

So, I recently got knocked up after having cybersex aka netsex, but I'm having a problem figuring out whether it is a cyberbaby or a netbaby.. If you know ANYTHING about this, please let me know, as I have to know whether I'm getting him a floppy disk or her a rewriteable CD.

And which is the female version and which is the male?
Do I have to be hooked to wires and cables to give birth?

And, most importantly, is there a battery I can pull out if everything goes to hell and the baby is a "living" shit, or starts asking me to make him "become a real boy" or something, unless if it's a girl of course, who wouldn't make such a wish in the first place because girls are reasonable.

Hold on a sec, I have to eat pizza.

It's the End of the world!

Today, it's Friday the 13th.

Imagine all the danger I could get into! Who knows what kind of mutated bacteria that's climbing on my fingers, away from my keyboard at this very second, evolving from dangerous, to extremely hostile and deadly!

The sky could fall on my head any second!

Third world war could break out!

I could lose my internet connection!

Time to take a deep breath, sit back, relax and:

I want to listen to music

And now it's recess, that's nice too :)=

I'm tired, I don't like being tired, it sucks. I'm not hungry, it's nice not being hungry.

Did I mention that my other braincell Bobby went to Yemen a couple of nights ago? Well, he sent a card telling me he's glad being somewhere things actually HAPPEN, in comparison with my over evolutioned brain where he claimed it was silent. Lies.

I used to have two braincells, there was Tom and Bobby. Bobby in a wheelchair and Tommy pushing him around. All was well.
Now it's just Tom, and he got a playstation for christmas so I rarely have a lot of brainactivity lately, I don't know what I'm going to do, but there must be something.

I tried unplugging his playstation and emptying milk over it, but somehow, it survived.

Playstation is destroying my ability to think properly, hence all this.
Have a good day still :)

all the snow...

... is raining away
and it started late, late yesterday.

The rain was drumming over my head
I could lie and listen, tucked in my bed

and I slept so well, to the beat of the rain
and I didn't know that the snow was in pain.

I ran out this morning, on the empty plain
but alas, was my rescue, all in vain

The snow is now but disappeared
and when I look out the window, it all looks weird.

the streets are but empty, there is no snow
And all the Norwegians miss the strong white glow.


wish I could show you some, but I don't have any :)

Thank you http://cupofbittercoffee.blogspot.com/ for showing me this awesome strip, made my day.

For the rest of you, here another awesome idea by me:

How do IKEA name their products? -I taped a conversation during the annual Top-secret IKEA conference in Yemen last thursday..

So Geoff, got any new names for our cupboard series?
- Yes, sir, I arranged "bring a toy to school day" before christmas, I have the whole list of toy names right here.
Wonderful work Geoff, let us hear them..
- ehm. OK, there's Klobo, Karlanda, Ektorp, Mien, Molger, Fred.
Stop right there Geoff, thank you. Fred? What do you mean Fred? That's far too weird, remove it from the list..
- Excuse me sir.
Yes Fred?
- You've got something in your beard.
Omg, what is this thing? ¤#¤&¤%
*Krrrrrztpscht* ¤%6 *frrrrzt*

mmm, yes, it's a true story, too bad they wrecked my microphone :(

I have..

..so many great ideas!
So, today, I want to write down some especially good ones!

James Bond film titles containing the word license:
License to die
From Russia with NO doctor license
For your license only
Never say License again
The man with the Golden license
The spy who gave me a license
Live and let license
You only have a license to die twice
On her majestys secret license
Licenses are forever

That's enough license-nonsense, don't you agree? And if you still haven't had enough, you can try reading them out loud ten times, fast, including this last sentence, full of licenses too.


is the best thing ever invented.

I've been brainwashed

and it sucks, in a lovely way.
And this christmas angel, I made myself, with my own hair. It's kind of cool, in a very wrong way.


I'm addicted to Magic Love by Bent.

"We've been here before
Like a book I read
In the hall that leads to the door
My words hang in the air
When I spoke to you
I believe it's magic, magic"

And I have never heard this song, but I think I really like the lyrics.

Think Of You (While I Should Be Working) by Bent

You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I really, really luv ye.
Oh, I luv yuu.
I love you so much.
I couldn't believe it when I first saw you.
I never want you to leave me.
I saw your eyes trinkling away.
Looking at me, really, really nicely and... it's luvely.
And it, uh..I can't.. I can't begin to say how much I love you.
Whenever I'm at work I'm always thinking about you.
I always take time out to think about you when I should be working.
Whenever I'm at work I'm always thinking about you.



I saw the new Narnia film last night. I've read the books and seen some of the earlier films before, so I knew the story. I liked it. It's definatly recommended as it didn't even make me cry. Amazing.

Listened to an old Robbie Wiliams album last night, God, half of it sucked so bad :( I have never liked that album, but couldn't recall it being directly lousy.

So, what are you up to? I can't do anything sensible, I just handed in my homework, that's just about it.... And now.......... My iPod just ran out of batteries... Again...

Apple, I'm coming for you. Consider this a threat, I'll kill you with my own bear hands, and some kick-ass dancemoves.
bloody losers.


Was not a bad day.
My thoughts were focused on one place.
The problem is that it was the wrong one.
Five hours of sleep
have made me a little tired.

I didn't lose my mind,
it was mine to give away.
And eventhough it felt right at the time,
can I look you in the eyes again?

Wonder what I'm having for dinner.
And what homework I should do.
Still I just don't seem to be able to focus.
Thinking about you.

I think I'd make this for dinner. Unless it's salmon again, which would make me very happy :)
Click the link to this post?

The Answer

And here, ladies and gentlemen. The answer to the all time, most difficult riddle.
What does these Finnish sports have in common?
- motorbike riding
- downhil-skiing
- icehockey

Now, I want to thank everyone that participated in this competition and answered the riddle. You should all expect a Norwegian chick wearing a national costume with a basket full of brown cheese, on your door any day from now. As you all answered the riddle, you did great, I said nothing about getting the answer right.

G'day chaps! How are you?

Mushaboom, Ong bak and brown cheese

Right now I'm loving 'Mushaboom' a song by Feist, and 'Ong bak' the film, the guy does all the stunts himself, whoah! Seriously impressed.
On other topics, I still have my finnish friend here, we're doing just fine, eating way too much candy and introduced him to the Norwegian Brown cheese. He thought it was weird but as everyone fell for the caramel-like, round flavour. The cheese is heavy, with a sweet and rich scent and taste. The slices must be cut thick and put on freshly baked bread. mmmmmhmm, brooown cheeeeeese.

This basket full of brown cheese, and this hot Norwegian chick can be yours if you answer the following riddle:
What does these Finnish sports have in common?
- motorbike riding
- downhill-skiing
- Icehockey

Let me tempt you with a fresh image of the most exotic culinary experience, Brown cheese:


Happy New Year -rkewølrvkf

perhaps. It's all over.

I'll leave the poetry to people who know how to do it, so I'll just stick with that sentence right there for a while.
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