My shoes!

They are found!
I'm thrilled, simply filled to the brim with happiness, my dear shoes. They are found!
I'm about to get religious I think, I'm very very happy about this. and some God is about to get an eager servant :) shoesy-shoes, they are back!

Filling in the gaps here:
- shoes forgotten on a train one night (15th of February excactly)
- Long waiting on random lost-and-found phone-lines, all playing LOtR music *scratch festering rash*
- ten well-written e-mails and nights of concern later, some lady picks up the phone!

The plan:
- go downtown
- collect shoes
- put shoes on
- dance on bus station
- break ankle
- get a free ride home with an ambulance
- break off the high heels
- buy new shoes without heels
- dance on bus station
- be very very happy
- become religious
- go to the loo
- eat dinner


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