A puplic apology

I want to apologize to you guys in public, I'm very sorry for my sudden outbursts in my previous post.

I had just eaten my lunch, so I was in no way being sane.
(Not that I would have been even if I had not eaten lunch, but that's besides the point)

the point IS, that I'm sorry for being a crazy shit and also exposing that madness before your eyes, and that might have damaged you for the rest of your life.

My shrink, that I hired myself from one of the potplants in my living room (his name is Herold) said that it would be wise of me to apologize.

he also told me to stop smoking my socks, but I tried that and he disappeared. When I went outside for a tiny smoke, he came popping by.

I decided not to stop smoking.

Oh, and on the subject, again, I'm extremely sorry for suddenly going bonkers in the middle of my insane blog, i really didn't mean to.



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