Why children are weird

Children are weird because they watch children shows on the telly. Yes, I blame the media. Again.

Ever seen "Tellytubbies" that must be the most sick thing ever sent on TV. Like, seriously, who came up with it?!
Fluffy big people in hairy costumes with tellies in their tummies that's scarier then any hairy spider.

I can't think of anything funny or sarcastic so you have to make it up, unless you can't which means you're some retarded twatster without imagination and might be unable to EVER EVER think of something creative and that's cos you were weird when you were a child -just like all those other children! And you know why they are weird? It's because they've watched tellytubbies, which means you've been peeking you sneaky fucking bastard!

This entire society drives me mental and I blame the tellytubbies and those hairy germans.


Foss said...

And I think I'm gonna cut it short on the sides,
Grow it long in the back this time
I'm not the man the man you thought I am, oh no,
I'm a mullet man

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