Doing homework in the sun

A marching band just passed my house. I’m sitting outside in the low, warming sun. And it’s the best Norwegian spring since last year. And as this marching band passes, and I realise I probably couldn’t tell difference from when they were playing their song, or from when they were actually getting run over by a truck, I wonder who created justice in this world.

At four in the morning you might wake up from the loud booms of a russe buss. Because the Norwegian Senior years (18 of age) celebrate their last year of school this way. They dress up in red, baggy clothes (especially designed for the occasion), with a hat and with a bamboo stick with a little ribbon on it, then they drink, fuck and party for 17 days. From 1st to the 17th of May, that is. They usually also design their own concept for a bus (at least on my side of town, which is very rich, where they spend hundreds of thousands of kroners on their celebration). They have giant DJ equipment, fancy lights, smoke machines, posh furniture and expensive websites, logos and themes. At certain weekends and places during May, they gather with these huge buses (vans or cars are accepted too) and party their asses off.

--- Plug in laptop charger ---

There, sorry about that. Now, who DID create justice in this world? Well, the answer is simple: Nobody did!

Because the Russ are no longer allowed to wake you up at four or five, or three or any time during the night, or any time during the day for that sake, because it “disturbs” the peace and quiet of the city inhabitants. The police have forbid them in having their huge stereos going when driving through town, or when standing still when in a populated area.
Personally I quite fancy waking up to their awesome music, the thumping beat and the sound of laughter, because that’s what life is about! Having fun! Waking up by the sound of noise, go back to sleep with your pulse still dancing to their beat.

And as these young, happy russ are loosing their right to party among people, the fucking marching bands are on the loose. As I’m “a younger generation” perhaps I will view this differently when I grow up. But right now, I don’t think it’s fair to disallow fun, and allow a gang of lunatic, screeching, howling, banging, crashing, shishing, marching idiots in the streets where I live.

No thanks, I don’t want your marching band.


Foss said...

It's illegal in most places to play loud music at 4 in the morning. Doesn't stop people doing it, though!

Send me a russ buss plx. Or maybe I should turn Florence into a RUSS BIL!

Darkness visible said...

A few things:

1) i hate loud marching bands too. We don't get many in my tiny little British village but I dislike them all the same.

2)No fair that u get weeks of partying! We only get one day.

3) You have SUN. Be happy.

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