I'm not a bad blogger

You see, I have read them all.

Every last one of them.

They are filled to the brim with lousy excuses these bloggers. On why they haven't updated, why bla bla and bla. But really, that is not why I read a blog, I'm not interested in hearing why a person HAVE NOT updated, I think an UPDATE in itself would be a lot more interesting.

But really, even though I'm not updating my blog, that doesn't make me a bad blogger. Because this is a really good blog, it updates itself, it is, in fact, not me, writing this right here, it is my (slightly more superior) evil computer genius clone.

And just how could that be possible? A blog that updates itself you say? No, no in fact, you didn't say it, I did. And unless your eyes have ears in them that are capable of putting symbols stacked together into mouthwords (in which case I bow to you, higher being, you are still alive after looking at a newspaper) you did in fact, not hear me (or you) say that this blog updates itself.

THOUGH, that doesn't make it any less true, because things that have not been said, or that remains to be said, or that might never be said at all, but just carefully, written down, somewhere secret can in fact be both true, and important.

Like a declaration of love, between Peter and Sarah, silently written on the back of a toilet seat on a train station in Eastern Norway.

But even if Peter, or Sarah, intended to write it, but never did. don't make them bad people. They should be telling each other about their attraction instead of writing it on the back of a toilet seat. It is very irrelevant for my existence about their affairs and those words should then be better of somewhere else, where they would be necessary.

Close to what I'm doing right now, I could just as might have told this to my dog and the amount of interest I would receive would be the same as what I give Peter and Sarah.

So for now I could just ask you, to please stay silent.

Evil genius computer geek clone is at work.

Oh! Did I say evil?....


Foss said...


Tora said...


At least you did remain silent!

Foss said...

Yeh, I did exactly as you asked.

Now gief reward!

Darkness visible said...

Nub! I remained silent for longer than you, I deserve reward! Gief!

Tora said...

I can't recall ever saying there was a reward.

I'm not an evil genius clone for nothing.

Darkness visible said...

A clone, eh? But of whom!?!

Tora said...

of me of course, what a stupid question.

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