My Birthday!

At Diesel store in Rome there was a pair of shoes I absolutely adored, and seeing I had already spent so much money and I really didn't need this pair of shoes, I didn't buy them. I didn't buy them even though they were on 50%!


My sister did! She gave them to me for my birthday! <3 Happihappi! So, so far I've received these lovely presents:
Under The Iron Sea [Limited Edition] [CD+DVD]!

These awesome shoes!

And now a little Norwegian treat :D
How to count to TEN in Norwegian
1. En as in Energy
2. To as in Toblerone
3. Tre as in Tree
4. Fire as in Fair
5. Fem as in Feminine
6. Seks as in sex
7. Syv as in Sieve
8. Åtte as in Otter
9. Ni as in knee
10. Ti as in Tea


Foss said...

I see your feets!

Ryaninja said...

Hey! You're wearing the same trousers as the day before! That's cheating, or something.

My word verification was aeiqqcyf. Does that mean anything in Norwegian? I'd like to think it's something to do with badgers, and hopefully Pirates/Vikings.

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