I once created an account for someone else, somewhere I don't know where is right now. And I had to fill in his account details, like mail-adress and password and such.

When I told him his password was "chickenpita" he started laughing so hard I felt a bit worried for his health.

After that he completely stopped taking me seriously and thinks I am a clown! And I didn't even consider the fact that "chickenpita" was such a far-fetched word.

At least I don't after hearing of the band called "Hooray-torpedo!" (Hurra-torpedo). Zomg.


Salt my brain!


Audun said...

YOU are completely fruitcake!

Thank you for being completely fruitcake.



Ryaninja said...

Hmmm... my only problem is that it's not really a very secure password is it? I mean, if I were to guess a password, I might go for 'chickenpita', but I wouldn't for a second think of 'ch1ck3np1t4'. Maybe if you try this in future, your friends won't think of you as such a loon.

I used to work for PC support, and when people forgot their passwords I would change them for them. I always took great delight in telling people their password was 'NeedBrains' or 'Alzheimers_oncoming'....

My word verification said dhgulpmd. Does D.H Gulp Medical Doctors? Who knows.

Ryaninja said...

And also, what the hell is wrong with Ham?

Sandwich racialist.

Audun said...

yeah, people will think you are 100% sane if you give them the password "ch1ck3np1t4".

ahum ahum......


Tora said...

I personally prefer chicken-pita over ham-in-pita. But meant and salad > chicken-pita.

But this isn't about the dish!

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