I'm sure you've seen the TV-chef called Nigella Lawson. If I was a man I'd grab her by the ankles and drag her home with me! I'd club her in the head unless she cooked me lime parfaits and large buckets of chocolate mousse, then only to enjoy the meal together with her and her sparkly eyes.

I'm surely not obsessed with her! It's the thing that she does with the food she makes! Just the towers of cream, the tilting mountains of whatever deep fried and custard-filled. Whatever it would be next, it would be tender or soft or chilling-numb, perhaps even softly warm. The food! The way she stirs it, watches the butter melt and crackle until she pours batter in the pan and let's out satisfying "f-shhhhhs"es. She'll lick her fingers and hum with pleasure.

Just, somebody grab that woman!

And YES - before anyone asks - I have recently been watching BBC Food. Now go get Nigella Lawson before anyone else does it. Do it! Do it right now!

How are you by the way? Nice seeing you again. And like that, I close my post number 100. //Saluté!


Foss said...

She gets so excited by food, sometimes I'm surprised she doesn't start screwing the cake right there on the counter.

Smylexx said...

Nigella is quite possibly one of the scrummiest TV Chefs ever... having said that, in the UK, we're inundated with TV Chefs and erm...most of them are male and a little bit hairy.

Nigella is DEFINATELY the scrummiest non-hairy non-penis owning TV Chef though.

I'd bet my flippers on that!

Tora said...

Smylexx, your blog sounds so interesting, but blogger keeps telling me it doesn't exist.

I continue to insist this is a lie, and I'm sure the blog about fascinating fishtanks is out there somewhere :(

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