When in Rome for four days during July, two of these days were wisely spent on shopping.
Here are pictures of my sister and me at the end of the two mentioned days, note that there are NEW shoppingbags spread over the bed for each day.
Day one Approx 7+ hours shopping

Day two Approx 9+ hours shopping

Special thanks to our little brother Torstein that patiently tagged along. Skjalg would get thanks as well, but he shopped for more than I did.
I only posted this in pure protest to them chicks that claim they are "Hardcore shoppers", I have a special message for them as well:
Go Home Suckers!! HAGHAGAHAGAHAHA! You Can Never Beat me!


Audun said...

You both seem very sad on those pictures.

I feel sorry for you both, as you sit there in your material corruption:(

Tora said...

oh no, no no Material SATISFACTION.

We were just a bit overwhelmed by the heat, trust me!

1960 said...

Did you not think to buys shoes?

Audun said...

Lost are the children of the earth, for they are blinded by D&G


Tora said...

We went to D&G, but really I didn't buy anything, my brothers did though *looking at YOU Skjalg*

And yes, I bought shoes! Just 5 pairs though, I regret that now, I should've bought more!

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