about a viking weekend

Let's blog as if this blog was about me!
Have mostly been at home, attempted to watch Jackie Brown with my stepdad, but I fell asleep because I was so tired. Saw major parts of Alfie - that is a nice film and I think I recommend it.
Taken my little brother to the movies and watched Over the Hedge, he seemed to enjoy it and I did too. We had dinner at Bambus which was excellent and the dessert was even more splendid. When we arrived safely home I realised I had forgotten to bring my keys with me, which means we were locked outside. In addition it was raining and quite cold. I called my stepdad and we had to take a taxi to where they were, at a tiny dinner-party with some friends of the family.
So we went there, with a taxi.
It was nice seeing them again as it had been a while. But after a little too many drinks we had two 40+ year old women frolicking about, flapping arms and legs wildly on the floor to old Dum Dum Boys classics.
The next morning I had surpressed that certain event which my little brother was so kind to rejuvinate in my head. I also made a chocolate cake and sorted through all my shoes.
It seems I have (counting my snowboard boots) exactly 26 pairs of shoes.

I am pleased, after reading law-studies and ancient-history I feel better. Also knowing that I actually have nearly 30 pairs of shoes has filled my chest with warmth and my eyes (I am certain) must be glowing.


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