Journey fever

In Norwegian, preparing for a trip, or looking forward to a trip is referred to as”Reisefeber” or ”journey-fever”. It’s the emotion of expectations, nerves and thoughts all building up inside your tummy, swelling like yeast, growing and growing. Sometimes the expectations can tickle and make you feel all happy.

Personally I have never seen the “journey-fever” as an actual fever. It is not some hot, hallucinating, discombobulated state of mind, to me it’s rather the cool freshness of air-conditioning. The relaxed, sophisticated breath of hotel lobbies. Perhaps that is because few of my journeys throughout life have been to boiling hot destinations of sweaty discomfort, but rather getting there by ice-cold airplanes and freezing boats.

Most of the time it is not the destination or location in itself that is the most exciting part about a trip, more often it’s rather the journey in itself: the plane, the train, the boat the bus, maybe a car or a subway, maybe you will even walk or ride a bike. The people you will meet, the food you will eat, the noises around you that you will not be fully able to grasp – sheltered in a cloud of drowsiness. The groggy and distant feeling of getting up way earlier than you find enjoyable; filled with tension and excitement. Loosing connection with your usual schedule and agenda, not the usual bus or car today, not the usual radio station, not the usual cereal for breakfast, not the usual shave or shower. Everything is different, a full detachment from what you call your everyday reality.

Escaping rather, not fully, but partially escaping from routines. Still you will have responsibility of things around you, packing, preparing and paying (not to mention paying) are examples of things that are rarely seen as an escape from anything.
Though still you should do what must be done, keep your seatbelt fastened and launch into your little run-away, because you sure do deserve it. And don’t worry about the journey-fever, it will pass, though by the moment it has – you can’t wait until next time you will catch it.

Have a nice trip :)

(I am also blogging from my sisters place where I am currently residing and having a very good time. I'll be back by Tuesday).


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