I like the Orange glow -Again!

"Orange Glow" by Me

Ok, ok, I know: Old news! - You've seen this before!
And: I haven't removed the two thirds of black screen! Zomg, you are starting to wonder why I am putting it here at all!

Well, to be entirely honest, it is there because I just figured out how Google Video now can put videos in your blog, just like videos from YouTube.

Anyway, I have made a newer version of this film with the same theme, but a bit longer. It's called "Careful What You Egg For", though it is not done yet! I've got all the raw material and the first part all edited, but then the rest is not all that finished. Not finished at all.


Edit: Html bjoken, lol.


Audun said...

I can't watch the Orange Glow!

I blame you.

And mum's apple pie


bifil volkswagen

sort of.

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