Nobody makes a good toast like Spongebob Squarepants

Both dog and Viking were satisfied with the result.

And here's some more from the Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band concert that Liv Elin and I were on the other day:


Audun said...


nice toaster. I'm not sure if I could eat a toast with a picture of spongebob squarepants on though.

Foss said...
Tora said...

ooh, stuck in customs!


Audun said...

I suppose he does something nifty to get all those fancy colors, but those pictures are absolutely breath-taking.

Foss said...

Yeah, he uses HDR - take several photos all at different exposure times, so with your long exposure you get the dark areas really clearly, and on the short exposure you get the light areas. Then combine all the photos to get the best colour range from each. Such a simple idea but it works so well :D

The spongebob toastie reminds me of that one time I carved a portrait of Red Fraggle into my leg. <3

Tora said...


.... The time you did - what?


sigrid said...

herregud har dere brukt penger på det der?!

Tora said...

nai, mamma kjøpte den sånn billig på Duka salg.

Sigrid, jeg synes at kommentarene dine er meget negativt ladet.

Kan ikke du komme tilbake når du er glad og fin?

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