They're just human

with wives and children.

So perhaps there is no wonder that people don't understand why one might set oneself a personal goal. Take NaNoWriMo for example; to win you have to write 50, 000 words in 30 days, if you win you get your name on the Winner's List, nothing more. No trophy or diploma, just the honour and glory.

People ask me why I don't just copy and paste the same chapter over and over until I have 50, 000 words, or why I don't sit on my keyboard until I have enough words. It is so easy to cheat, so why not?
Sometimes, my dear friend, it can be nice to set a goal purely for oneself, even though it is ridiculously hard to reach or perhaps even unachieveable. There doesn't have to be a prize, or an award, it is a reward enough in itself to have accomplished something. Maybe people don't understand, maybe it actually is a waste of time.

I am actually suffering on the very brink of insanity, I have the most irregular progress bar going on, every word I write, every word I see or think of, I grab it. I will take the words and put them together, force them and mash them together, even though it might be incoherent and nonsensical, something inside me has stopped caring. I have written 31, 536 words so far - and I'm lagging behind, so i am most likely not going to make it, but I still try, I'm still working on it. Still writing, gathering, grabbing, thinking, putting together, forcing and incoherently mashing.
The result of course, is wondrous! It might not be classical and priceless, beautiful literature, but all this pressure is creating something spontaneous, something creative and strange, something tipped over the edge from peculiar, something dangling alarmingly close to stupid, but still managing to balance it - most of the time. It is brilliant, not as much the novel I'm somehow "creating", but all the pressure it puts on me, all the different ways it makes me use all of my creativity, forcing it into action!

(One of my other novels is actually 47, 046 words in Norwegian, but I spent way more than just a month on that, so considering that I'm used to be able to work a bit more relaxed - I'm very screwed under these conditions).


Anonymous said...

Historien om tollef wasnt it?
God still cant believe you actually wrote that...

Foss said...

Wow, I'm so glad I pointed it all out to you. You're very talented, and anything that forces you to be creative can only be a good thing.

Please don't say you don't think you'll make it. You can do this, and you can do it well. Besides, if you fail you'll be letting all your readers down too.


Audun said...

Yeah Tora, you can still do it

The story is great! Living scarecrows=always a good thing

And you're not giving up. That is impressive. It's what principles is all about. Fighting for a lost or apparently lost cause.
So even if you fail to reach the 50,000 words within the 1st of December, you can still feel all goody-good about trying. (as you wrote yourself).

And now something completely different:

Bølgemannen kommer! Bølgemannen kommer! Pakk yoghurten og vreng agurken.

Smylexx said...

It's my personal goal to go blind through masturnbation by the time i reach 35. So far i've just developed a nasty twitch in one eyeball.

Your support (and free pron is appreciated).

Smylexx said...

i realise i misspelled that. Think the "twitch" kicked in. :o(

siggen said...

tenk om du brukte halvparten av den tiden på å jobbe med matten. så slapp du kanskje å flytte ned fra loftet til jul også, *sukk*

omgomg I R secret person lol said...

Your family loves you so much Tora

Feel the <3<3<3

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