Where are the keys?!

Okay, yesterday, Monday, Liv Elin and I had two hours in the middle of the day without lessons, so after doing Geography, Ancient History (In Elin's case: Biology) - we decided to go to United Bakeries. After all, we hadn't been there for eight weeks (I counted them!)

Because we use laptops for all our schoolwork, we also have these incredibly large and unflattering backpacks, seeing it would be very unnecessary to bring them aaaaaaall the way to United Bakeries, we locked them into our book-lockers.

So we went to the bakery and we had some coffee, it was all very nice.

When we arrived back at school, standing in front of our lockers, we realised that we had locked our keys in to the lockers!

Luckily my next class was Law-Studies and we watched some predictable family comedy (what has the world come to?) so I didn't need my books. It was a raining cats and dogs (not literally, just a manner of speech) and took the bus home to get my extra-keys for the locker. Note that my laptop, my mobile, my housekeys, all my schoolbooks (and what's worse!) my iPod were in that locker. Just by getting home I got really wet because of the rain, so I got the key and I took the bus back again. Now I was really getting completely soaked, and I arrived at school looking like I had been swimming for yonks. Actually, I only came to school to discover that my extra-key didn't FIT, and I had to go back out into the rain without any of my stuff...

As I was approaching the bus stop, my bus had just stopped and was letting on some passengers. I ran to make it, and I could reach out and TOUCH the bus, still he closed the doors right in my face and drove away!

Someone up there, were having a lot of fun.

Liv Elin brought her extra keys today and got our things out, we will probably never lock our keys in again, ever. If we do, I will let you know, and you can come and hit me. Hard.


Foss said...

Look on the bright side - at least it wasn't snowing again. At least the bus didn't run you over. At least you weren't given poisoned coffee by united bakeries. At least you knew were all your stuff was, even though you couldn't get to it. And at least I'm still reading your blog!

Tora said...


at least!

Audun said...

sounds like you had a shit day, but still:



Foss said...

Sorry Tora, I'd have lavished you with sympathy earlier but I was lumbered with OMGTHISISREALLYURGENT work (didn't need to be done, but was dictated by one of the managers), so I couldn't muster any sympathy up.

Here, have some now.

*there there, you poor thing, let me get you some hot chocolate*

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