Good Afternoon December 6th

Perhaps you were here at this time last year, when I told you things about December 6th you didn't know before.

Well if you didn't, read the entire post here.

And I bumped into this Norwegian Advent Calendar for day 6. It's all quite strange.

Aaah gaad, I have to stop posting! But I just discovered that I had already drafted this post once previously for latter use, and it happened to be all about December 6th, so I couldn't save it for later!
*sighs* Sorry pumpkin, you've just got to learn to live with it.

In other news, today there's 18 days left until Christmas eve! How do you like this little angel?


Audun said...

It could do with some lazer gunz, maybe some black leather. And a look that says "I'll ¤#%& you, you ¤%%¤!¤% ¤%&€!!!****!!!!!!"

Just my thoughts

Richard Fair said...

How can it be Christmas already? Has this been a shorter year for some reason? I demand snow. Now!

The word verifcation for this post is ukibrop - which is almost a sentence. One day I'm going to click on the little wheelchair to see what happens.

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