Jude Law

Gief plix.

Adam Brody?

A life?



Mum said...

Zomg! How old are you? 13?
And the new layout smells Barbie, My Little Pony, Iglesias (Or whatever hes name), and Jude "Sucky" Law

Sigrid said...

Mum: How old are YOU?!
"zomg". æææsj!

Tora said...

I didn't even consider 'zomg' as a strange word.


Audun said...

"zomg" is a perfectly normal word, just the way "Hi", "Vacuum Cleaner", "Instance run" and "Guitar" is.

superslicer said...

Layouten er jo ikke så gæren da.

Stjernene er kanskje litt i overkant, men ellers ryddig og fint.

Du får finne noen bitende kommentarer som passer inn ihvertfall.

Du kan bedre enn detta!

Mum said...

Do I know you?
Are you related to me somehow??
Do you expect to get any christmaspresents?

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