'Tis a New! Layout.

Yes, and it's considerably more lively than previously.

Hopes you all likes it too.
it is actually quite


Anonymous said...

im confused, i really dont know what to do here, if you can guess who this is though i'll send you a cookie.

Audun said...

grats on layout!

Tora, you got way too many unknown people browsing your log.

I'm sure CIA is watching you as well

Tora said...

I know!

The internet is supposed to be for only a limited amount of people!

I'm going spastic when loosing all this control, WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE!

That's it, I'm removing the "anonymous" option.

Virgill said...

fine then, i wont bother keeping contact if thats how im to be treated!

Also i hear tora and audun come as a couple now, how did that happen :O

Tora said...


the name is NADIR


And HELLO Virgill <3 Such a pleasure to see you!

Well, I can't really see you, but that's besides the point. Anyway - how are you?

theboywithoutaname said...



Haven't talked to you for ages!

I hope you're alright.

Please troll this blog a lot!

Virgill said...

im doing well thank you, i'll try to troll here as much as possible, but not promises, im very forgetful

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