At the School office

Liv-Elin knocked twice, and then she entered.
- "Excuse me" Liv-Elin said "you don't happen to have found a pair of headphones anywhere?"
The female secretary looked up from some paperwork and shook her head.
- "no phones, no".
"no, no" Liv-Elin said "headphones, not phone".
The secretary was momentarily perplexed, then rapidly spat:
"no, no headphones either".


Foss said...

Liv-Elin's brow sank, and a frown crept across her face. A stoney silence filled the room, and she reached into her coat pocket.

"I... want... my... headphones" she growled, through gritted teeth.

The secretary hardly had time to reply, before the semi automatic pistol was drawn from Liv-Elin's jacket. The loud bang of the muzzle-flash was soon drowned out by screams, echoing through the hallways and corridors of the school.

Wiping the blood from her face, Liv-Elin calmly left the office and headed for the lockers. There are bound to be some headphones there - all she had to do was take them from a student. Today was her music day, and she'd be damned if she couldn't get some headphones by home-time.

Audun said...

Coming to a movie theatre near you, this spring.

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