It is the season

Temperature been falling like crazy, and the Norwegian population is now facing the dreadful consequences.
Among others, there's 13 teachers at my school which is now not present because of severe illness. At the shop; people, dogs, cats, peas, bread, cheese, the floor and the milk-cartons are coughing heavily.
This happens every year, especially at these dark, snowy times, where frost is found as much on your nose as between your toes. You know it because alarming sounds make their way from the coolness in your joints, you know it because of the way your kneecaps feel like stiffened butter, and the thighs numb, swollen and red with cold.
I've decided to disembark from that Ark, and have set a goal of not getting ill this year. I started out yesterday actually, by being good at taking vitamins, drinking my carrot-j00se, getting lots of sleep and trying to keep warm.
Monday and Tuesday night I've also been snowboarding, something which was fantastic. Tuesday night Liv-Elin and I nearly had the slopes all to ourselves! today my neck is stiff, that is quite strange, my legs are also hurting a fair bit, but I am sure that has nothing to do with a cold.


Audun said...

It has been so cold, I have had to wear a scarf! Yoinks.

Today it was quite warm down here in Vestfold though.

Last week, freeze-your-butt-off-cold.
Today, take-off-your-pants-and-jacket-warm.

Well, maybe not your pants.

Pants are for wearing, candy is for sharing.

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