See what I stumbled upon!

Slngle has his hair up in the wrong angle
at which Dorbsh's ponytail has started to dangle
their arms so hairy, they've started to tangle
together they were always busy with wrangle
their blood always covering the bar like spangle

Slngles condition was said to be sickness
as Dorbsh's they said was general thickness
of course neither were famous for quickness
their twatty ways always seem to be endless
also, their outfits were said to be extremely trendless

Slngle walked as in pain, his kneecaps were flinching
Dorbsh fat was so heavy his armpits would pinch him
he was always a bit angered because of all this pinching
together they'd move at a slow pace, just simply inching
to see tonight show and all the massive lynching

Slngle is tired and want the poem to be done
Dorbsh has yet to realise it has even begun
I'm sure if he knew, he'd agree it's been fun
and that Robbie Williams officially sings like a nun
I'm sorry to say but it's now time to run

Slngle is going to detract for flight
Dorbsh is going to turn off the light
they are ready to yawn and sneeze with delight
as everything slowly drifts out of sight
So sleep well you two, and I'll say goodnight.

Originally posted here by Tora over at Foss and Lya Show some time in September. Lots of good stuff over there by the way, especially the oldest stuff.


Foss said...

I totally agree. Lots of good stuff over there.

We should do more.

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