To be able to survive

Long-legged navel-faces (also known as the Prolixcruris-uterusoris) live in an enclosured area of the western world, and with a population of approximately 4 367 of their kind - the Long-legged navel-face is extremely endangered.

Prolixcruris-uterusoris is latin for "longleg-bellyface",which is much what the Prolixcruris-uterusoris looked like in ancient times, the creature has of course evolved since then. Prolixcruris-uterusoris is most famous for it's powerful horns, with them males can fight other males, attract the opposite sex or simply blow you away.

Scientists claim it could be a direct descent from the dinosaurs, but that it is not unlikely to be part of the melon-family either. It's background unclear, the Prolixcruris-uterusoris can seem a mystery and is still one of nature's unresolved riddles.

In 1754, scientist Rob H. Wood (1704 - 1764) developed a theory about the Prolixcruris-uterusoris to be an alien from outer space. After being tread in the face by a horse and getting a serious concussion with following amnesia, Rob H. Wood married, and stopped his research. Today we wonder if Rob H. Wood could be able to continue his research - some secrets about the Long-legged navel-face would be unveiled.

In ancient Norse-mythology the Prolixcruris-uterusoris was called "Langurleggur-magefjesur" (pronounced with a k- and x- instead of L-, b-, g-, s-, and c-) and was used as a mount for the ferocious mountain-trolls.

Nowadays the Prolixcruris-uterusoris has yet to be saved, and it is currently not illegal to rid yourself of one. The animal remains endangered, and if we are not careful, every last specimen of the Prolixcruris-uterusoris will die.
- I say we should preserve this ancient and proud creature before it vanishes completely - like Counting Crows said: "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".
and I don't think we do either.

Home-made illustration of a male Prolixcruris-uterusoris.


Foss said...

It wasn't counting crows, it was Joni Mitchell. Noob.

..and what's this? Two comments in one day?!


Tora said...


Yes, but Counting Crows has made a newer version, I was thinking perhaps the younger generation would be able to relate to what I was saying if I updated my references slightly.

I do have that particular album by Joni Mitchell actually, but I don't think I like that song very much.

Audun said...

si si banana

we should all gather in prayer for the Prolixcruris-uterusoris

Smylexx said...

That scientist blokey had, quite possibly, the world's sexiest name.

Fantastic! He can share my socks!

Tora said...

Yeah, he has the name of someone special.

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