Well gogger

Google blogging is indeed very strange.
When testing some new layouts on my blog today, I clicked a button that returned the layout-editing to the same system as it used to be.
Then, out of nowhere something -i thought was long lost - reappeared!
My original blog-layout from just before christmas! It just randomly popped back and was all in order and everything, something I found very strange of course.

Do not get over-excited though, I am quite sure that I'm going to replace this layout with a new layout. I am such a fan of changes!

So, that strange blogging-experience is going to pass, personally I am not feeling any strange at all myself today, I'm just licking out the crumbs of an empty bag of Snack a' Jacks and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Today I wore a big furry hat to school, it is a very nice hat, I must be careful so my sister does not take this hat and use it herself. She is coming home from her holiday today, so I have hidden everything I want to keep.
My bronze boots, my furry hat, the red coat, my purse and I must remember to rescue some underwear too.
She is like a machine, only less merciful.


Sigrid said...

The red coat is M I N E!

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