The books, the books, the books

and I was thinking that I can't think of anything to write in my blog, so I might as well read, but then I realised that I have TONS of books, my desk is in fact COVERED with books that I want to read. Or have to read, that depends on what book it is.
nighthogs for example, that I want to read. Same with Many Waters, phenomena, High Fidelity and a set of others, but when talking about the 45 kg books of "A suitable boy" I am already hesitating. And they are more like 45 kgs EACH, I am not exaggerating, well maybe a bit.
there is also Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I hated and I will try to suffer through again. There is Flowers for Algernon, Because of Winn-Dixie, The Carpet People, Brown Cheese Please, Mort, Going Postal, Girl with a Pearl Earring, James and the giant Peach and other books that I'm nearly DYING to read again.

But I can't think of where to start.

So I thought it best not to start at all, and do a painting instead, that would work fiiine.


Foss said...

High Fidelity is great, and it's one of those rare books that's done justice by the film. So you should watch the film too, if you haven't already.

As for the other books? Well, you know I don't read stories. Give me a factual book and I'm happy. Give me fiction and the descriptions in the book fight against my imagination, and try to make things duller than I imagine.

Except maybe James and the Giant Peach. That's pretty screwed up, so my imagination likes it that way. :)

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