The obvious update

I have a new layout! How cool is that?
Must be a bad habit, I'm changing layout more often than you change your underwear, something which is obviously not very charming. I should change it way more often just to save us others from the smell!

I don't know though, but what do you think?


Smylexx said...

It's Yummy! All snowy and tranquil...like a penguin's fridge.

If i only knew HOW to update my templates, i'd be all shiny too. Unfortunately, i don't so im stuck with a rather standard non-dolphiny one.

You're already sniffling while reading this harrowing post, aren't you?

Tora said...


I was thinking I could help you find a layout if you wanted to.


Smylexx said...

But that would simply be MARVELLOUS of you!! I'm afraid Dolphins do NOT have much technical mastery though we do make a nice banana milkshake.

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