in the hood

I wonder why we in 2007 still have jumpers with hoods. Especially ugly hoods.
I can see the practical use in a hood which looks nice, a hood which you can put your head in and protect it from falling bricks or mutated salmon badgers, you know they can do severe damage to the scalp tissue, causing a thousand dollar worth in dandruff.

but them salmon badgers are close to extinct now, are they not? So I see absolutely no reason for that they should still create jumpers with hoods. They are always in the way when putting a jacket on OVER a jumper with a hood. Wearing several pieces of clothing - all of them which has hoods - on top of each other is proven incredibly difficult.

Besides you get a load of water in the hood if it rains, and you can get heavy back pains, or even paper back. Justin cries you know, for you ruining the sexy back.

Perhaps the only good thing with hoods is Cherry Hood.

"Oliver" by Cherry Hood
Image Copyright © by Cherry Hood
Watercolor on paper
1500 x 1020 mm
An illustration in "Harold's End"


Audun said...

Big baggy jumpers just isn't the same without a hood.

It gives a nice feeling, when it cradles your neck.

Word verification

That just happens to be the national dish of Malaysia

Smylexx said...

Wjhat about Red Riding Hood? Or or or or Robin Hood? Or Boyz in the Hood? Or erm...


No, that's it.

Word verification was "jwhjimo" which is the exact noise that i made when a friend of mine recently stoof on a frog.

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