Fish in my shoes, labels!

over at I have a Fish in my Shoe there's an aquarium at the bottom of the page, with lots of fish-thingies and sea-creatures and squids and sharks. i have always loved the ocean, so pretty, don't you think?

I have also always liked these labels! And now I have finally taken the time to click on the four buttons to make them all appear down on your right hand side. Absolutely fantastic!

I would also like you to take the time to have peek at these other blogs too!
Got rice?
Fascinating Fishtank
Litt mindre folkelig... <-- Norwegian

Hope you can find something interesting in them. Litt mindre folkelig is written by my successful, pretty sister. But don't let yourself be fooled by the neatly polished surface - she's not nearly as sane in reality.
To be quite honest (don't tell her I said that9 she's as bonking mad as the rest, half in denial.


Foss said...

jeg har fisk IN MY sko?

Smylexx said...

Ooh! A free plug for MY bloggy thingy. My fishtank is quite fascinating, you know.

The mysterious pebble grows more mysterious each day and two new haddocks moved in last tuesday and have opened a little shop in the shallow end.

John said...

Thank you for the kind plug. :) Maybe someday you would honor me with a photo for my blog?

Smylexx said...

Couild i get a picture of you holding a haddock please?

Or maybe one of you and Bominski playing tug-o-war with a large eel?

I don't ask for much, do i?

Tora said...

hardly, Smy.


Everyone have pictures like that lying around.

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