Otters holding hands


Smylexx said...

You realise that they'd been super-glued together, right?

Zookeepers will do just about ANYTHING to make their exhibits seem more exciting.

Tora said...

no no! If you watch it till' the end you will see that they momentarily let go, then one of the otters floats back and grabs the other otter's hand again.

And then the mysterious creatures continue to dip away meaninglessly.


Smylexx said...

Ok, then more than likely, the otter on the left is in the Otter-Mafia and the one on the right has just lost at cards to him.

Mafia Otter "Ok you douchebag, we're gonna walk to a cash-machine and youz is gonna take out da ten-grand you owe us or...Ba-Da-Bing!! Capeche?"

Douche Otter "Ok, ok... i'm so sorry. I got in over my head...sniffle... let's go"

Mafia Otter "Ok, now let's take it real slow here, dont wanna draw attention to oursel...wait... humans... act natural but dont try and run, I'm holding on to you and i have a gun in my otter-pocket"

Douche Otter "Sniffity sniff...whatever you say mister..."

Mafia Otter "Yeahhh, keep smiling at the kiddies. Dat's right.. Ayyy, keep moving, you bums!" (etc etc...)

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