La Vie en Rose

Well first of all, because of French, the subject at school, that is, we were all forced to go see La Môme or La Vie en Rose - which is the same film.

La Môme is a film about the life of the famous French singer, Edith Piaf. The story of her life is one of a tragic affair, and all the hopelessness nearly clogs the system as you sit in pain in the cinema seat. As a varied cast of father- and mother-figures are pushed and pulled dramatically out of her life from a very young age, she finds consolation in alcohol. The little girl, born in the gutter of Paris, most of the time living on the street - has various homes, of them a brothel and a circus.

Forbidden, and also fatal love, hallucination, drugs, partying, drama, friendship, poverty, not to forget the music are the very original keywords this film is built upon. Even though this is all horrible and a tragic life - it does get well over the top. I am very sorry. The film is not at all chronological, and all the time-travel is not always very well cut together, you understand what time the film is currently at, but you don't understand why it is necessary.

It is typical really, because it is all really french! Baguettes in the suitcase kind of french, dirty men, fat women trying to get the ends to meet in a moulin' rouge - and a lot of wine. Little children rubbed with grey run around the streets hollering. And you know, it is touching, it is an incredible story, but all these clichés make it all so... plump. Half the time you are seeing the same over again, just they are wearing slightly different clothes, and all the pathetic tone to this film is doing; is lowering the quality. Cheap tricks to make the audience helplessly burst into tears.

However, the actors do an excellent job, especially Edith Piaf herself, Marion Cotillard. If it had not been for this overall flawfless cast, I would have died.

This is a teary, muddy, even bloody film, and all the sweatiness gets kind of unrealistic. I know it is meant as a touch to make it seem authentic, but in the end it's just another dreadfully sad French film. We already have one on our Yes - list, so La Vie en Rose is unfortunately not allowed in. Sorry.
Go rent Un long Dimanche de Fiançailles instead, because that had a graphical filmatic touch, which made it wonderful to watch.

I am though, amazed, that this,

Were to look like this,

And ended up like this!

Pretty amazing. She was a splendid actor, no matter what.


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