Sombrero crisps

After work I have settled in my room with a cup of gay fruit tea, a jawbreaker and the bottom scraps of sombrero crisps. I have purchased the new Arctic Monkeys album from the shop(!), that means, legal! I suppose it is a way to try to make me feel better about stealing music by downloading it.

It is quite nice so far, both the tea, the jawbreaker (that just hit the chewing-gum centre), the little crumbs of sombrero crisps and the music. I just wished I didn't have to do my ancient-history stuff!

How about a joke?
yes please!


Audun said...

På telefonen lizm:

-Unnskyld, er jeg kommet til Restaurant Ritz?
-Ja frue, de snakker med hovmesteren.
-Utmerket. Har de froskelår?
-Ja frue.
-Har de oksetunge?
-Ja frue.
-Har de sauehode?
-Ja frue.
-Har de syltelabber?
-Ja frue.
-Har de kyllingvinger?
-Ja frue.
-Jammen hvordan i all verden er de ser ut da?!?!?

Sorry, I can't think of any jokes in english:(

Smylexx said...

What do elves do after school?


Ahhahahahahahaha....ahahaha....ah.hahhah? Sorry.

Tora said...

loool Good one.

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