Characteristic and indie - but still monkey

This April the British band Arctic Monkeys released their long sought second album "Favourite Worst Nightmare", after extreme success with their first album released in 2006, "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not".
Known to be one of the more realistic original indie-rock-brit-pop-punk bands of the century, with a broader appeal than say, Klaxons, Dirty Pretty Things or Jet - The monkeys had over-dimensioned expectations to their sequel.

When finally the bubble burst and initiated weeks of intensive, repetitive listening; I found it to be, not surprisingly, most excellent. This monkey-album has both energy, soul and beat.
The alluring mix of indie-rock with a touch of sharp brit lyrics and good musical competence has resulted in a well tuned, noisy, sucking and thumping little jewel. It seems they have worked incredibly hard on optimalizing and polishing their own 'sound', and accomplished it, magnificently. This isn't as much of a breakthrough as their genius first album - but merely an enjoyable (especially lyrically) soft fudge to fill in the gaps of the first one.

At first I thought the total time of barely 40 minutes and 10 seconds were skinny and empty tunes, one blurred in to the other, forming one endlessly long and rhythmless song. Alas I was veeery wrong about this, little pearls of excellence, as "Old Yellow Bricks", "Flourescent Adolescent", "D is for Dangerous" and "505" were the first one to receive outstanding admiration from my side. And soon my untrained-ear-of-punk gathered as much as to seperate each and every song - giving them the praise they most certainly have deserved.

This one, you've got to have. Listen closely to the lyrics, they're fab--


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