scented candles

I think the nice weather is what which has kept me from updating this deserted little pit of a web-log, and usually I am hardly very fond of bloggers posting about not-posting. Which is, the way I see it, somewhat hypocracy.

Anyway, outside it is really too hot, it's 30+ Celsius, for you who might have trouble making sense out of that little number - it is a way to measure temperature, and it means it is quite hot. I wish not to hear from anyone who claim this to be cold, or not-hot, or something equally silly. This is fryingly, boilingly, blazingly, fumingly, steamingly, scorcingly and awfully hot, it is like opening the windows and letting in a heavy, damp wave of concentrated clinging heat. In many ways it is hardly very appealing, and Norwegian standard it is also very unusual.

At work it is very silent, everyone is outside enjoying the spectacular weather instead of buying new cutlery, or admiring dusty teapots - like they should. I have unpacked boxes and priced lots of scented candles in all this silence, some of them smell like fruits and flowers, like lavender, roses, melon, olives, rosemary, chive - or even coconut & lime. While some, which is what fascinates me, has some kind of an artificial smell, and are named things like 'morning dew', 'royal garden', 'ocean breeze' or 'mouldy armpits'.

Needless to say, after inhaling all these God-forsaken creations, I must have developed a strong case of head cancer. If I haven't - well, that is most unlikely.
I have been taking rough notes, and even written some things that I wanted to publish to the blog, and I will.


Foss said...

Welcome back to blogland!

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