Raving Rabbids

Maybe I should begin this yesterday, at work, I was working from 5 to 8 down in that ruddy shop, together with Suzanne. Mum had purchased a dress in Rome for my older sister, Hagrid - but unfortunately the size was so petite and medieval that it simply didn't fit her. So in a desperate moment of having to dress someone up in this fabulous piece of clothing, we decided to give it to Suzanne, which is a friend of Sigrid - and incidently my colleague also. You should've seen her though, she looked wonderful in it, and it was so delightful to see that someone could use it.

After work, which wasn't all that exciting -we do keep each other company, so it's never that bad in the end you know, I went home and ate masses of spaghetti while watching clips from JayC's concert tour: "Fade to black". Why, I don't know, and even though Jaisie did alright it wasn't all that funky.

After eating we dug through masses of old clothes, it was kind of cool, but also a bit scary - there were certain items I swear could have attacked me if I had turned my back against them. There was also a jumper that had a strong resemblance with a pair of wholly functioning lungs. I suppose that is what you may call an exaggeration, but it is also better known as "The 80's".

It took a long time getting through that interesting and different mountain of antiques, though both my sister and I felt most content about our "loot" when finally finishing.
I had to retreat to the kitchen, blasting out some Flaming Lipps and Ralph Myerz from the stereo while cleaning the oven. Reduced to a finer pulp of solvents, some moments later (I shall always blame the cilit bang!) Liv-Elin sent me a text and asked me to come over to her place and spend the night.

My most miraculous sister dropped me off down at Elin's a bit later, seeing she was picking up her better half, Axel anyway. By the time I had arrived at Liv-Elin's house, it was already very late, pushing midnight to be exact. Of course we have never found it to be in our nature to be overruled by the hours, bluntly conquering the night and chatting away for hooouuurs.

Obviously, seeing Liv-Elin has got herself a Wii now, we played lots of Raymond: Raving Rabbids, and it was most entertaining. At about four in the morning we grew hungry and spent all morning baking buns, round about seven we had sipped unknown masses of Tiramisu-liquor and eaten unhealthy amounts of tyrkisk pepper (that is a kind of sweet you can't get where you live, honey) and also, buns - of course.

Then we watched an episode of Black Books, and fell asleep. We awoke roughly two and a half hours later, discovering to our horror that Elin had a bus to catch in twenty minutes. (Catching a bus is a time-consuming activity and requires quite big guns and can wear you out easily). With heads feeling like mid-sea boyes and feet not really listening to the wobbly commands, we made our way to the station, and despite the hurry -had to wait for ten minutes.

Right now I am immensely tired, and my grandparents and my smelly little* cousin will be arriving shortly. Hopefully I will not faint, and I will have some raisin-bread!

*not anymore.....


Dirk_Star said...

You made me laugh.

Well done.

Calu said...

so did your name !

anyway, a good read as always ;)

(Lya - im holding you personally responsable for keeping me up so i cant work tomorrow!)

Mika said...

"eaten unhealthy amounts of tyrkisk pepper (that is a kind of sweet you can't get where you live, honey)"

Not entirely true ;)


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