There is no spoon

It must've been explained to me once, if not a million times; why ones reflection is upside down when looking at a spoon. Though no matter how many times people have endeavored to stuff it into my temple, I just don't seem to get it.

It doesn't even make sense, it's just a whole lot of gibberish. Why on earth would I be reflected upside down? And in spoons of all things... I know that I'm not exactly a rocket-scientist, but it seems to me that a bit of reasoning should be enough. Therefore I have decided that reflections in spoons will no longer be upside-down. It is just confusing people and it is a pointless detail to the scenery of life. The stupidity exceeds all logic and thinking too much about it can make you criminally insane. The insanity is often likely to become permanent, madness is, as we already know, compulsive.

Due to the fact that the reflections in spoons is confusing and harmful, the audience is requested not to try to mirror one-self in a spoon, and that all spoons in every household must be covered in chocolate sauce. No exceptions. For your own good.

Instead of discussing dangerous matters as spoons, learn How to make a Game like Bing-Bang-Boing at WikiHow. ... Should be harmless enough.


Foss said...
Smylexx said...

Poor spoons. They interpret everything upside-down.

How do spoons put make-up on when getting ready for a big date?

It seems so unfair!

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