Well I saw the film, which was about bloody time really, I have always considered the Transformers to be a fine addition to our world, and I therefore happily welcome them for tea on Sunday!

If you have not seen the film, I suggest you see it right away.
If you wish to make further aquaintances within the Autobots (Decepticons not invited) feel free to pop by on Sunday.

I will have biscuits.


Smylexx said...

I'm not sure there were enough explosions in it for my liking.

Unless there's an explosion, a car chase or someone getting naked every 32 seconds, i lose interest.

In this film, the above events took place only every 33 seconds and therefore i think i missed at least 2 minutes and 12 seconds of the film while i dozed off.

Audun said...

myes, I should see that film.

I *did* see Planet Terror though.

That was ... interesting.

Tora said...

ooh, I really want to see Planet Terror, though my thoughts about it is a bit mixed, I have no idea what to expect you see, so I can't get myself to go see it.

Simpsons was fun though, though not as hilarious as expected, it was still very very funny.

Calu said...

Seen transformers loved it and may even see it again, havent seen simpsons, got to do that!

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