One day I will be
Back in our old street
safe from the noise that's
falling around me
and we'll release this town from the people
who are trying to knock it down
And only the city lights will brighten the night sky
and there will be no sound

open the bars and
open the markets
open the banks and
open the churches
And we'll release this town from the people

- Keane "The Night Sky" ("Money raise for the UN" 2007)
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I wonder if I'm ever going to realize exactly how lucky I am. People tell me all the time, the teachers tell me, my parents tell me, family and friends tell me - and I know I can spend a life travelling the world seeing what pain other people are in - but the realization, I mean the complete breakthrough here, it might never come. I mean, I know it, I think about it, I try to think about it - but it just wont stick. It is like it's been covered with butter.

Think of all the things I have! i have fresh tap water, food to keep me full for each meal - several meals a day, a house to live in, clothes and shoes, friends and family - heck I'm even getting an education. There are so many people who could only dream of all these things that I'm (and you most likely are) so lucky to have. And though we see and feel these things each day, we might never live long enough to fully appreciate and understand how lucky we are.

Though still... Still... We have the conscious to be unhappy. Still we have the guts, the nerve, the spine and the bravery to be unhappy. On what grounds are we allowed to make such a statement? On what grounds could we even dream of doing such a thing? - I'm telling you that we shouldn't be. Things happen that will always scar us, always haunt us, always hurt us. People leave us, and that is painful - but it is better to have loved, though lost it, than never to have loved at all. And that is the truth. It might make sense to cry over spilt milk, I do it all the time - but you know how pointless and ungrateful it really is. At least I have milk to spill.

Even if war would break out tomorrow and we'll lose everything and everyone around us, that the world would be knocked down, and there would be no light, and no future - still we would be luckier than millions of others. Because they actually do wake up tomorrow, having lost everything and everyone, and their world has been knocked down, and there is no light, and no future - and they woke up like that today too, like they did yesterday, and the year before that, and they will never wake up any different, until the day they wont wake up at all.

Only to have known all of you makes me so lucky,
and still I might never realize.

Do you?


Audun said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! (actually, I couldn't had said it that well myself).

It feels really unfair, being born into such an easy life, when others are not. My brother visited some refugee camps in Lebanon, and I really envy him that "experience".

My main argument when I'm in doubt is usually "Will I regret not doing it?" If the answer is yes, I shut off my brain and do it.

I'll creep back down into my sock now. Nice warm socky sock.

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