Pompous ship!

Look at my new header!

is it not grand?
is it not spectacular?
is it not way too big?
is it not entertaining?

Why do I begin a question with "is it not.." - do I not make the question more difficult to answer that way?

I suppose I do!

Quite stupid, isn't it?
But splendid indeed! Now all this sad blog need is some more glitter, and some more snow! Because Christmas is really really close and some of us just simply can't wait to pimp out their blogs to a dangerous extent. Something which is very righteous for Christmas time. Indeed. Bring on the glitter! Strap on the shades, we are in for a sight*.

*for those of you who can see.


Audun said...

The ship is awesome!

And you can't start preparing for christmas already! You're ruining the whole thing!

Snow however, is fine. Snow is white.

Tora said...

it wouldn't ruin anything, not in my personal opinion anyway.

I would be happy to have christmas from now and to christmas next year, because I love it! And I can't get enough of it!

Starting christmas early is a splendid idea if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

You don`t have to have christmas just to add some glitter in your life...
Glitter is ALWAYS nice.
Tante Bister

Audun said...

But what's the fun in looking forward to christmas if it's always christmas?


Calu said...

Can we then get gifts all the time?! can we can we! please! can we!?

Id have to agree, its WAY to early to start thinking about Christmas, I'm still wearing a flipping T-shirt!

Smylexx said...

Christmas in Warcraft is fabulous! Full of elves and dwarves and comedyy snowmen and presents and not gn*mes.

I'd love to go to Ironforge for xmas but since i cant, i'll come here instead.

Will you be serving egg-nog?

Tora said...

yes, but with alcohol to prevent it from tasting like pancake-batter.

mmmmhmmmm. There will also be toddy and cocoa.

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