Lean a little bit closer, see?

Yes, so today I was in court. I don't think I was sober before atleast an hour in to the trial, which was a bad thing - seeing food & drink is banned during the session, I could feel my condition swell up inside me without being able to hold it down by drinking or eating.
And as I sat there, sick, tired, in horrible, undescribable disgusted pain - I wondered what kind of crossdressing clever otter-trucker had managed to dress up an entire profession in drag - without them noticing. What an amazing accomplishment. For those who have set themselves such goals. Though, honest - what a genius idea.

I can picture the lads standing in front of a mirror wearing powdered wigs, and black, puff*-sleeved dresses - admiring their own buttocks - going, with considerable contemplation:
"Hmmm... Yes, I guess I do realize I look very much like my own aunt in my uncles funeral... But, b-but this certainly looks like nothing from the Frippery. Hmm - you know what? Do you know what...? Actually, it makes my behind look dih-vine!"

Didn't really notice any behinds during the session, but people are really conscious about the way their end is displayed, so it must've been something like that which actually convinced them in the end. Oh, and considering my own, sorry state - the notorious shivering and the dreadful need for washing my intestines in chlorine slowly vapourized. I inhaled a bottle of water and things felt a lot better.

* Clever, clever. I see what you did there.


Audun said...

Are they still using all the cosplay stuff in Norway?

I thought they had quit that.

What kind of "rettssak" was it?

Tora said...

Well they are still using the robes, but no wigs, as far as I know. But that's girly enough, I think. They look like dresses.

The case we were at was about a lot of drugs. Then it turns out he was involved with even more drugs, guns, violence and was HIV positive. Life hasn't been particularly kind on this person. But he's been an idiot too, so he's getting less than he deserves - probably two years, which means about 14 months and a fine.

Audun said...


*Runs off to conjure water*


Oh, did you understand all kinds of stuff because you're teh law-pro now, or was it just yawn-yawn?

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