The Christmas Equation

You haven't gone on holiday just yet, have you? Well you better not have - because here is something for you to think of before you go and frolick in all the cake!

The Christmas Equation, also known as Planck's Constant - is a clever little thing able to calculate your weight-gain per second during the Christmas festivites. Planck's Constant is also equal to h, which means heaviness. If you ever wonder about having that extra gingerbread otter, you may sit back and relax - because Planck is going to work out the end result for you, anyway.

The brilliant aspect of the formula is that you may choose if you want to have your answer in Square metres per second, or kilos per second. This opens up for some delightful elbowroom during the feasting on mulled wine, even if you are gaining 0,00614 kg/sec this only equals to 0,00614 m²/sec which is when converted to millimetres equal to 0 mm²/sec!
So mathematically - you're not gaining a milligram!

Merry Christmas!

(To anyone who may have heard that Planck's Constant has something to do with Quantum Mechanics, I wish to inform you that this is in fact wrong).


stinky said...

my my.

heavy theoretical lifting, and from you? and in due time before the "aaaaaaaaaaaahitsbikiniseason" - hysteria?

enyhows. thought I'd just point out that planck's constant is multiplied with 10^(-34) which equals to 34 zero's on the left side of the number. in graphical terms: 0.00000000000000000000000000000000006626068

mm = m x10^-3

so you can safely add some more zero's to the above digit if you want it in mm^2
however, according to international code, Metres and kilograms are SI prefixes and give you a much much more comprehensive answer in terms of understanding what on earth you are doing =D

also.. m^2 is square metres. (kvadratmeter) not m^3 - the cubical metres which are alot more relevant in measuring someones belly.
(if you measure your belly in square instead of cubical, you need to get off your current diet.)

doubt this was useful, but as I have my physics exam tomorrow morning, maybe its my physichsial self letting out some steam.


Audun said...

Good luck!

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