Sweet Harmony by The Beloved

Hello! I am here to give you your weekly dose of Gay.
I have done some thinking and realized that this song is the best source of gay, even if you are
Gay-intolerant - sneeze at the sight of gay,
have Gay-nesia -you are really gay, but have forgotten,
Gay-mania -obsessed with gay, and really can't stop thinking about it,
or if you have Gay-tar which makes you sing songs that go "twang" and smell of cabins.

C-vitamins and Boy George helps the body digest gay properly, to make your skin glow and your sideburns delightfully symmetric. If you have any questions call


Smylexx said...

Could you make this blog a bit more gay please? I'm just not feeling it.....woahhhh... wait a second....

Wheeeeeeee!! Let's go girlfriend!

Ok, ok, i think it worked.

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