And - a happy new year...!!

You been calling the moose in the white telephone all day, have you?

Well I haven't, even though I've been restraining myself so much to avoid it - that in the end I got stuck with the exact same feeling anyway. I'm still covered with chizzels, and I still feel like my body's filled up with washing-up water.

Goodness me. What a way to start 2008? I don't know what's wrong with us.
Today, the very first, blank page of a new year I have watched season one and two of The Mighty Boosh - which I thought was absolutely worth my time, and also comfortably creative, so I didn't go braindead from the .. oh ...I'm trying to think of the word, but somehow my fingers remain clutching the sad remnants of yesterdays curls - and then my headbrain made a soft, kind of empty 'schlop'... and honestly now I don't know what's happened.

Exhaustion maybe, maybe that's a word that could do the trick. Or a shower, maybe. Too.
I'm going to clear this place up after christmas, with a broom, so it wont look as much as a cramped shop you might suspect of selling 'kebab meat' from the 'secret' counter of 'unsuspicious-stash'.

All these long words.


Audun said...

My brother and his girlfriend just laughed at me when I met them today.
Which was fair really, as I looked like if I had slept inside an agitated washing machine.

Curls suit you.

Foss said...

Happy new year!

It's so lonely here on the arctic tundra, nobody to speak to, the wind my only friend (*i hate you*)

Yes yes, the Boosh is awesome. I suggest you see their live stageshow thingy, which you can get on DVD. :)

Tora said...



I'll put a move on you!
It's the vibrating palm, you go out and buy a hat - it wont suit you.

My hair is virtually a hat -blahbla!

Foss said...

Did you ever hear their radio show? In many ways it's even better than the TV version! I know! Shock! <3

Smylexx said...

Carpy New Year!!!!

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