Ut i Vår Hage 2

And so the second season of the Norwegian comedy series (from which we already know the tragic story of Danish language) has begun. Ut i Vår Hage 2. (Out in Our Garden - which actually doesn't really apply to anything the shows about).

They actually manage to take the piss of gays, muslims, the theater, China, Swedes, the church, adoption, terrorism and Norwegian film industry in one single episode. It's comedy genius, and I wish everyone could love it.

And it's absolutely excellent! First episode was absurd beyond reason! Perfect!
Seems like Atle Antonsen, Harald Eia and Bård Tufte Johansen has done it again. Fo sho!

"I amerika klarer terroristene å velte to av verdens høyeste tårn, ikke sant. I mens her i Norge klarer vi ikke en gang å velte tjuebussen!"

"In America the terrorists manage to tip over two of the worlds highest towers, you know. But here in Norway we can't even tip over bus number twenty!"


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