Glad to see me?

We like dogs because they can be happy on a completely random basis. Their happiness and their affection toward us is pretty much conditionless - only thing we have to do is to on occasion scratch them behind the ears and give them a really silly smile. And really this is the most brainless smile we have, I feel silly just thinking about that smile. The only thing that can possibly make us look more ridiculous than when we are encountering our dog after coming home from work - is at the confrontation of babies.

It is rather harsh that some of the most easy to please always have to see our intimidating side. I consider myself a relatively happy person that can get easily excited from the most simple things - like christmaslights or soap bubbles. Thankfully, I am no longer a babychild and I am not a dog anymore either, so even though I am glad to see someone I don't have to put up with them snuggling their cheeks against my hands, or making me lick them far up their noses while giggling at me.

While our hopeless behaviour seems to be received with joy, I am starting to think that the positive response is based upon panic and fear. Actually they should be screaming and running away from us when we enter the room! They should write a bookabout it! Shouldn't they? The Art of Baby & Dog Etiquette, a book that can slaughter the myths of how they take pleasure in our madness. It would only be fair to be honest. After all we've put them through.


Witchieboobs said...

That dog is weird!

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