The problem with buffets is usually that in my head they are not interpret as "Eat what you want", to me they generally mean "Eat all you can". Obviously, the outcome of this are two entirely different things. Separated by a lot of pain. Something I wish to emphasise.

I am starting to question whether it is normal to either be hungry or uncomfortably full? I am always either, and I never seem to be "comfortably full". Is there a secret the rest of the world have been led in on, but I have been denied?

It's such lovely weather here now, such a breeze. Sunny and very spring-time ish. And what better news are, it seems I will have you all spared of posting anymore recipes in my blog, because Foss has let me in on another wonderful website I am already enjoying a lot. It's called http://www.forkd.com/, my profile can be found at http://forkd.com/user/Tora . If you're interested >.>

So far I haven't added many recipes. But we'll see about that!

All my siblings are back home for easter, don't know what to make of that. They make a racket and I'm hiding in the attic :(


Calu said...

WHATFood hates: mushrooms, rocket (rucola)

How is that even possible to hate, such a great green salat with a bitter and nutty taste.. mm..

now i want some.. with rosted pine nuts, cherry tomatos (best taste), bit of cucumber, peppers (mixed colors) and lastly a bit of grated chees..

Tora said...

sounds like a gastronomic experience.

If you exclude the rucola ;)

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