Electronica Snails

It must be so strange to be a snail. They get to stay home all day, yet they travel a lot. Kind of quirky. there are snails without their homes on their back too, they probably find the world something new. Like slugs. They are slimey and slippery so they never get to learn how to tapdance or how to knit, and they can't wear hats either, not without putting holes in them for their eyes. Imagine what snails think about, I imagine they are very sophisticated and maybe a little caught up in electronica. They just listen to it over and over. Hmm... and I think all snails love listening to MGMT as well, I just know they do. It's like I get that feeling when I watch them, oh and - I've heard it, this other day when I was snowboarding, I fell on my face and slid down into a snowless hole surrounding a tree.

Underneath the lower pine branches, smelling of bark and soil and frosted cones I heard "Kids" playing from somewhere down by the roots. Snails are actually very funky creatures, the snail I managed to get a glimpse of had DVNO printed in gold across its back. It was totally mint. Two snails were having a fight some way further down in the hard ground, the guy kept saying "We've come a long long way together, Through the hard times and the good, I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should" but she was all "Television rules the nation". And that was that.

Maybe they should've gone back together, but he kept checking her blue magnetic monkey out- even though he knew she wasn't in to that "what else is there?" type of thing! So maybe not. Kind of made me doubt the whole sophisticated bit. As I was considering this a couple of snails were painted like clowns and getting down. Maybe I should just stop being human and take part in this snail nation, even though I'll miss you, I'm sure it'd be alright! You could come visit! Don't let the man get you down!


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