I would just really like a serious chocolate fix

I made a delicious Vanilla Castle Pudding for dessert on Sunday, one of James Martin's recipes. it was golden, sweet, soft and delicious, served with a frozen raspberry sauce. Fan-tastic.
Only moments ago I watched Nigella Lawson bask in the luciousness of towers of chocolate brownies and chocolate cheesecake, made me crave to eat my own weight in just chocolate. Right now I am considering to make something really divine out of chocolate, while I know that I'm probably going to read, re-read, re-read and re-read (while revising) my flippin novel. It's taking aaages I tell you. It is getting somewhere though, still about a chapter and a half missing - but it's getting there, and I've removed a few excess characters as well. Pretty crude actually. Got sick of rewriting and rephrasing myself - so felt a little drastic.

Also I have got my phone again, which is a deeeeeelight! I keep forgetting I have it though, so I never get to answer it. But it's growing on me. Elin's even had it properly pimped with some glitter bling and a small pink duck with a bell inside of it. Looks like a bhangra taxi. Brilliant.

Terribly cold in Oslo again, the weather is just dreadful - sunny, but freezing still, and windy as well. Obviously, this is something that brings extra delight to just sitting in and be cozy. Hmm. With some chocolate- oooh!


Witchieboobs said...

Awesome picture. You should try something like that, I think you would look hawt.

And we gotta do something about the weather. I suggest we make a huge, gloving thing that makes heat. Much similar to a lamp, just much, much larger and it should like... BURN, to make as much heat as possible!

Smylexx said...

I think you'd look h-otter in something else... an outfit resembling a specific type of animal.

I'll give you a clue... it's a mammal and eats fish and likes splashing about in rivers and rhymes with 'totter'.

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