Russe transportation

In the sixties (60s, haha, blind) the trend for driving around as a russ was introduced. In the beginning it was common to redo an old car, paint it red and write dirty things on it, while as now the trend has changed slightly.

While as russebiler (russ-cars) are still common in norway, russevans (russ-vans :p) and russebusser (russ-buses) have become more dominating, especially in the capital and surrounding area. The russ are now spending several thousand kroners on their russetid, anything from about 1.000,- to 30.000,- per person. People are going crazy and use millions to do a bus up to look like a top nightclub or to suit a concept.

For example this year there's a bus called The Homies who are being sponsored with 60.000,- to do a the Simpsons theme for their bus. There's the twin buses (one guy (Monstars) and one girl bus (Tunesquad)) that do a Space Jam concept. There's Das Uberknuller that do a german 80s music/eurovision concept, there's:

Tubbietown Tellytubby concept.
Rockering er. they dance, I think.
Encourage racing theme.
Trofé (Trophy) hunting/cabin concept.
Nostalgi Winter Olympics 1994.
Prestige Magic/illusion.
Scoop Ice cream!
The A-Team The TV series.
Attention Loudness.
Saligia the seven deadly sins.
Løslatt (set free) from jail/school.
Cherokee Indians!
Victoria Siempre the russian revolution.
TEE OFF golf theme.
Majestix - Asterix and Obelix theme.
Work it Handyman/carpenter concept.

Is it necessary to make a point out of this being cheesy? Either way, there's tons more as well! And you wont believe how much money they spend on these things. Crazy shit. I'm actually on a bus as well, but I'll tell you later. Whoop!


Witchieboobs said...

It's silly to use so insane amounts of money on a russebuss. Those money could be spent much better elsewhere :p

Calu said...

Im sorry but spending 30.000 kroner (almost 4.000 euros) is fucking nuts.. sure it will a time to remember forever, but think about the amount of travles or other things that could buy! and lets not forget, if you dont live in a scandinavian country (i think so anyway, atleast denmark) higher education is not free. So the amount you spend on that could buy you tuition.

Men i would tell my child of if he/she used an amount like that on something that, honestly, stupid!

Das Überknuller said...

What people tend to forget is that most buses, or russ owning/spending money on buses very often get ALL of their money back after the celebration by selling the bus to the next generation. Theres even often a surplus.
Russebuss is an investment, in most cases not at all stupid. I understand that it seems ridicilous, but the money isn't thrown out the window, just make sure you child ( or someone on his bus) takes the investment seriously and you'll have nothing to worry about.

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