# 701

I think this is my post number 701. On the other hand, you never quite know with technology. For all I may be aware of - it's my post number 432, how can I know? I have to stop believing what internet tells me, right? It's ALL lies. Above is yet another picture from the russetid, zomgomg. Classic times - Crazy days.

In other news, you have reached the end of the internet. there's nothing more to see now. you have surfed through it all, thanks for joining. Welcome back to do it aaall again some other time. Ciao!


Witchieboobs said...

Is this the end?!

Tora said...

It's the end of post #701! :D

How could I ever give you up?

Audun said...

I expect you to hang around the school yard telling the first- and second-year students how harsh and rugged it was when you were russ within the next week.

"When I was russ, we had to build our bus out of shoeboxes! And the driver was an alcoholized ex-Nazi officer which threatened to kill us if we mentioned the war!
See my russe-clothing on that picture? Had to knit it myself, from old rocks and window-sills."

Witchieboobs said...

Mood changes can cause a lot of stuff, Tora. But I really hope you'll never give me up. ;)

Haha, Audun, now I have to go listen to Weird Al Yankovic - When I Was Your Age :P

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