Forgive my over-excited headline today, but school just happens to be out FOREVER! Imagine that! I'm going to be a uni student by autumn :))

Now here goes, today I'm flying to Ibiza (yeah, i know - it's soo 1991) but it will be amazing. I'll have a quick touchdown in Oslo next friday before shoofing off to Lofoten (in northern Snoreway) to celebrate my grandmothers birthday.

Needless to say, I'm afraid this already fairly still blog will now be lacking updates even more. At least until the 24th or 27th or something, whenever I get back. For real.

Anyway, this will be smashing, whooop!!


Witchieboobs said...

Weeeee, uni here we come! Will be great indeed! :D

And have fun at Ibiza!

Audun said...
Foss said...
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Foss said...

Ungh, stupid blogger.

Anyway, update ur blogz plx!

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